Trail Bound Hounds | About Us
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About Us


Our staff is here to provide quality reliable care for your pet whether you are having a long day at work or on vacation. We have over 20 years’ experience working with animals, and can cater to each individual’s special needs. Trail Bound Hound Pet care staff will treat your pet as if they were their own with the utmost compassion and love. This will allow you to leave your pet worry free; knowing that they are stress free and well looked after.

Our Team


I am very excited to be back once again running my own business in the pet care world. I have officially been dog walker for 14 years, but my background in working with animals goes beyond 20 years. I began working in pet stores when I was younger, and then moved on to working in a couple vet clinics in the city.

I then explored working in doggie daycares and learned so much about dog interactions and behaviours. It has always fascinated me to learn and observe how dogs interact with one another and learn from each other to the point that it’s become a passion for me.

I’ve also had experience assisting in various training classes, as well as participating in classes with my own dogs. I have had three male Rottweilers/Mixes in my life, two of which were puppies and one which I adopted at a year-and-a-half who came with many issues. I was able to work through that and help him overcome those issues. He (Harvey) turned out to be an amazing companion whom everybody adored! Sadly, I lost him to bone cancer last November. We all miss him dearly I have recently adopted a new baby (Kane), A six-month-old Rottie mix from a rescue agency in Edmonton He has adapted extremely well in his new life and interacts so well with all my furry friends. I’m looking forward to working with him and watching him grow up. He amazes me every day. Such a wonderful boy!

I have learned so much from my own dogs. They have really played a big part in expanding my knowledge and understanding of these wonderful creatures. I apply my knowledge daily in my group walks, providing a safe and structured environment for your dog. I strive to get to know each and every dog’s personality and needs. I really enjoy working with them to make them as comfortable and happy as possible and the best they can be.

I have also attended many dog related seminars, as well as kept my pet first aid updated throughout the years.

Working in vet clinics, as well as having my own kitties, has also helped to broaden my knowledge of cats and their individual needs. I am comfortable administering medication, injections and fluids.

I strive to provide the utmost personal and quality care for your pet and their specific needs.

I look forward to many more years of caring for your pets, and treating them as if they were my own.

Happy trails!