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Group Dog Walking

Why group dog walking you ask?

Dogs are social creatures by nature, and learn so much from one another.  Aside from the pile of fun they have walking and playing in a group; there are so many other benefits to group walks.

*It creates routine, and something for your dog to look forward to
*It can build confidence
*Improve social skills
*Detour unwanted behavior at home
* Improve recall
*Stimulate your dog both physically and mentally
*As well as leave you with a happy tired dog when you get home from work!!

Join our pack today!!!

In home Pet Visits

Is your pet more comfortable in his own home environment when you go on vacation? We provide in home visits for all your pets personal needs. Whether it is checking in on Patches and making sure she has food and water, or if Buster needs some “snuggle” time. We can ensure you feel comfortable leaving your pet and know that he is getting the extra special care he needs.


Our staff is experienced in administering medication, injections as well as fluids. We can ensure you that your pet will get his medication on schedule and also receive lots of “snuggles” afterwards.

Nail Trims

Does your pet get stressed going to the vet for a nail trim?? We can come to you and provide this service and try to make this experience as fun and stress free as possible in your pets own home environment.


Do you have a brand new puppy? Did you recently rescue an adult dog that has some behavioural issues that need worked on? Do you have a dog that just needs a little fine tuning on basic manners or certain unwanted behaviours? Whatever the case may be, we provide one on one training sessions to cater to you and your dogs individual needs.

Security Checks

While you’re on vacation we can provide in home visits to ensure that your home is safe and secure. We will also check for leaks, check the furnace, turn lights on and off, water plants inside and out, put out garbage, bring in mail. Document visits for your insurance company. This will leave you worry free knowing that your home is being looked after and in good hands.

Providing quality care when you’re not there.